What are the ways to avoid tea scale in thermos cups?


How to avoid tea stains in thermos cups? What are the ways to avoid tea scale in thermos cups? Nowadays, we are all using stainless steel thermos cups provided by thermos cup manufacturers, but can thermos cups be used to make tea? Do you know why? Since tea is often brewed in a thermos cup for a period of time, a layer of dirty tea scale will accumulate, and it is not easy to clean. Originally, brewing tea in a high-temperature cup will not have the fragrance that tea should have. If it accumulates layer by layer for a long time If the tea scale is too large, it will not only be unsanitary, but will also shorten the life of the thermos cup.

It is not suitable to use a thermos cup to make tea, because it will affect the taste of the tea itself and lose its health care effect. Since the temperature of the thermos cup is usually relatively high, although the tea can be distributed quickly, it also reduces the fragrance that the tea should have. In addition, the tea leaves that have been scalded at high temperature will lose their rich nutrients, and then lose the health benefits of the tea leaves, so it is not suitable to use a thermos cup for tea. Here we remind those friends who often use thermos cups to make tea, in order not to affect the insulation effect of thermos cups and the tea scale in the cups, please come in and avoid using thermos cups to make tea.