Yongkang vacuum flask is getting hotter and hotter in the cup market


Almost all of the vacuum flasks sold on the market are from Yongkang. Yongkang vacuum flasks are widely acclaimed in the market and their sales are getting hotter.

Speaking of Yongkang’s thermos, it can be said that it is almost synonymous with Yongkang’s “wave economy”. It is also after the industry of thermos that Yongkang has set off a wave of economic waves that have risen to a certain extent. The traditional "hometown of hardware" has moved towards the "hardware capital", and now it has become a veritable "Chinese Cup Capital". Looking back at the overall trend of the Yongkang vacuum flask industry now, we find that the vacuum flask that was silent after the "wave economy" is still stubbornly surviving in the hot land of hardware in Yongkang. According to understanding, after nearly two decades of development, some thermos cup companies in Yongkang have matured rapidly in the fierce market competition. Recalling the past, a Yongkang vacuum flask decisively invested 40 million yuan when the vacuum flask market fell to the "freezing point" to introduce new high-tech vacuum flask production lines from Japan and South Korea, reopening the domestic and foreign markets and winning The destiny card for industry development.

Yongkang Yipinshi Cup Co., Ltd. produces stainless steel vacuum flasks, vacuum vacuum flasks, ceramic vacuum flasks, children vacuum flasks, office cups, bullet vacuum flasks, travel pots and other products.